When Is It Time for Me to Change My Shaving Razor

How often you take that razor out and shave your face is up to you. I can give you a few tips to make the shave smooth and quick. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide how often you should change your razor for shaving. Typically, replace your razor once ever 2 weeks. If your on a tight budget, consider replacing your razor once a month. Blades with a lot of razors need to be replaces less. Whatever decision you take, make sure it is a decision that benefits you the most when it comes to replacing razors. If you got the time, I would like to tell you some ways to make your shaving experience better. View what I say below.


Use Cream to Shave Private Areas

Use cream to shave private areas for majority of the time. Those areas are very sensitive and require extra care. More so, then the hair on your face. One little cut to the right or left can cause you to bleed uncontrollable. One of your sexual organs might also get removed. Be extremely careful when going down below and cutting. Use best shaving cream for bikini area to have most relaxing and safe experience. Safety is the experience you want to have. No more blood cuts and I should of not done that. Apply the cream and get your private area shaved softly.

Another point, its a good idea to not rush shaving your bikini area. Even though you need to shave and you got things to do, rushing the process is going to cause problems. Take out a few hours and get the bikini shaving done. Even with the best shaving creams and razor, your bikini area is going to react badly to quick razor swipes. Slow it down and use slow razor swipes. The process will get done and your going to be ok. In own opinion, also use hair clippers to shave bikini area first and then razor. Makes the shaving down below area quicker.

Reasons to Wait to Shave

Some instances require that you not shave. For example, if you find yourself with a bump, cut, bruise, broken bone, teared skin, broken skin, infected skin, or rash, then you should not shave that area. Shaving that area will cause you more pain. Looking good is not worth that pain. Besides, you won’t look too good and everyone will understand. Well, everyone who is not uncaring and want to bury you in the ground. Your not going to look good when your skin is messed up. Just embrace it and wait for the skin to heal. I repeat, do not shave skin areas that are damaged.

Certainly, do not shave on damage areas to prevent paying outrageous medical bills. Those medical bills are rising as time goes by. Nobody wants to go to the hospital. Life is tough and its hard to avoid drugs, alcohol, and trouble. But, you got to remember why the consequences of not avoiding it. Which is paying big medical bills and worrying about things that relate to not looking good.

Shave With Gel Designed for Sensitive Skin

Some gel created by scientist is designed to shave your skin in a easy way. You don’t have to tough it out with shaving cream. That white stuff does not work for everyone. The best shaving cream for bikini area might work to shave very sensitive faces. But, there is no 100% guaranteed. Bring the gel into your life and let your sensitive skin absorb natural thick liquid in each hair pore. Test out shaving gel and have more moisture from gel forced in skin. A higher shave probability is given when you use shaving gels. Make hair follicles more accepting of razors. The cold and weird feeling can take time to get use to touching. But, in time, you will notice your hair shaving off body faster and skin becoming softer. Process may take weeks so be patient.