By: Megan Porschen

I believe in educating people- the youth most importantly- about the dangers of using unregulated cosmetics. Fact- The FDA does not regulate the cosmetic industry. It is the responsibility of the companies to test and regulate their own products. Sadly, some of this testing is done on animals. The FDA has only assessed about a dozen chemicals that are harmful to human health pertaining to cosmetics, and the European Union has assessed over a thousand. In a society where so much makeup and skincare product is sold without the consumer’s knowledge of it’s chemical dangers is scary to me. Toxins could lead to cancer, infertility, endocrine disruption, and other ailments. Why not be healthy? Eat well, buy well, do well. Our decisions today affect our world tomorrow. Being mindful and making conscious purchases can help. This should include our daily makeup and skincare regimens. The skin deep database http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ , The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics www.safecosmetics.org, and Organic Beauty Talk Organicbeautytalk.com are great resources to get active in your cosmetic well being. Know your ingredients- The Green Beauty Team http://greenbeautyteam.com/toxic-ingredient-glossary/  and The 100 toxic chemicals list from Julie Gabriel’s book The Green Beauty Guide are great resources as well. It only takes a few minutes to educate yourself and spread the word. I believe that no animal, person or environment should be hurt for the sake of vanity. We are interconnected with everyone and everything. Buy cruelty free and know your chemicals. For me this is a lifestyle not a trend. Humans are stripping the earth of all its resources, and it’s up to us as consumers to do what’s right so that future generations can have a decent world to live in. You don’t have to be a hippie, vegan or vegetarian to agree with what I’m saying, you just have to have respect for yourself and the earth. I have an obligation as an eco makeup artist to make my clients feel and look their most beautiful naturally. 

This is why I’m a beauty who loves nature, and you can be too.

Two lists of cosmetic companies who do and don’t test on animals:





Two videos that teach us about the dangers of chemicals in cosmetics: