Does Lipstick Help Dry Lips?

Do you apply lipstick after every two hours or at the end of the day to stop lips from flaking off? Does lipstick help dry lips? Surely you panic! But after this article, let’s find how to protect lips from drying out.

Use lip balm after applying lipstick. Lip balm to use after your lipstick can fall into 2 cases:

  1. Lips have many exfoliating cells: You are familiar with the terms “exfoliating,” “exfoliating the whole body.” But few people know that your lips are constantly excreting dead cells more than your skin does. Therefore, your lips need exfoliating several times per week. If you miss this step, then most likely, the lipstick you use contains ingredients that remove dead skin cells. Therefore the phenomenon of peeling off the skin after using lipstick is praiseworthy.
  2. Lipstick dry lips. This is probably what many women fear, some lipsticks, especially colored lipsticks, mat dry your lips. It is because there are too many additives that will easily cause the suction of the natural moisture of the lips and cause dryness.

Therefore, you need to remove lipstick or should use it in combination with lip balm. But with the balm, the color of lipstick will decrease. Therefore, choosing the best lipstick for dry lips is the optimal way to keep lips bright, long-lasting, and improve dry lips.

Does Lipstick Help Dry Lips?

So how to distinguish the peeling lips in any case?

  • Pay attention to the frequency of peeling off after applying lipstick. If today, after applying lipstick, you will see peeling off, the skin is easy to peel off; after removing it, the lips become smooth. Apply lipstick the next day and note if peel off is reduced or not. A few days or one week later, you will see skin peeling only once as it gets improved with regular use of lipstick. It leaves you pink and soft lips. This is because you are owning a lipstick capable of knocking away dead cells from the lips.
  • If every time you apply lipstick, it will dry immediately and hard to remove, it will increase cracks on lips. Stop using it immediately. It is not good for both your beauty and health.

In addition, the influence of habitat factors also makes your lips drier:

  • Dehydration due to dry weather and due to a lot of sweat
  • The habit of sucking or licking lips as this causes the skin to lose its natural moisture
  • Nutritional deficiencies also cause moisture loss and chapped lips
  • The habit of breathing through the mouth makes the air overflow constantly
  • Due to the changing weather such as cold winter; Windy days or too hot days also make the lips dry.
  • Because you don’t apply lip balm regularly, your lips are affected by the ultraviolet rays and become dry. This can happen even when you are not outdoors or on a cloudy day. Therefore, you need to apply a lipstick that has an SPF of 30 or higher during the day to give your lips the best protection.
  • The acids in citrus fruits, cosmetics, toothpaste, candies, etc. can irritate the lips.
  • Certain diseases such as thyroid, psoriasis, cheilitis, diabetes, and more make your lips sensitive to the sun and become chapped.
  • Due to the use of certain medications such as acne medications also cause dry lips.

Does Lipstick Help Dry Lips?

So what lipstick should use for dry lips?

With dry lips, you will have the best options, such as:

Lip balm: This is the essential lipstick for all lips, especially dry lips. These lipsticks often have ingredients such as rice bran oil, almond oil, beeswax, avocado oil, etc. Nutrients from these ingredients will create a moisture barrier film to prevent the evaporation of water on the surface of the lips. Use before bed or use as a primer before applying lipstick.

Lip color with moisturizing ingredients for dry lips: This is a way to help modern girls save time and still handle dry lips. This lipstick helps you do not need to use another layer of lip balm before applying color lipstick. This lipstick does not dry quickly after applying; only a soft shade helps lips retain their natural beauty. You can choose color lipsticks with many moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba, beeswax, vitamin E, and more.

Between lipstick or wax lip balm, which is best for dry lips? Dry lips have a common feature of not sticking to lipstick. Using cream or wax lip can also cause a peeling phenomenon. So no matter which lipstick you choose, the rule of thumb is to choose a moisturizer. You do not have to use a lip balm that is specifically for dry lips. On the market today, there are many lip lines often added with quite a remarkable moisturizing effect.

The secret to helping dry lips

Besides knowing what lipstick for dry lips you should use, you should also improve the health of your lips. There are many ways to relieve lips, such as:

Exfoliate lips every week

  • Apply a night mask with olive oil, coconut oil, honey, aloe vera, tomatoes or specialized lip masks on lips
  • Use a lip cream daily; before coloring or before going to bed
  • Remove makeup thoroughly after applying lipstick
  • Choose handmade lipstick lines and organic lipstick
  • Drink lots of water, about 2-2.5l per day and eat lots of green vegetables and fruit

Hopefully, the above information has helped you know what dry lips to use; know how to care for dry lips effectively. Wish her always beautiful with his fresh lips!